Things to do - general
Country Turkey
Languages spokenTurkish
Currency usedTurkish Lira
Area (km2)783,562

Sports & nature

Turkey has lots of unique traditional sports to have a good time, a few of traditional Turkish sports are mentioned below:

Traditional camel wrestling, historical Kirkpinar oil wrestling, Kafkasor bullfighting and the game of jereed.

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Nightlife info

Turkish nightlife is synonymous with music, culture and food.

Turkish nightlife has traditionally centred on meyhanes, similar to taverns, where an assortment of mezes (small plates or appetizers), often followed by a meal of fish, is consumed with rounds of raki (Turkish national drink), the aniseed-flavoured national spirit.

Still extremely popular with all ages, the meyhane is a social affair, where dining and drinking is often accompanied by live music played on traditional instruments.

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Culture and history info

Turkey has a rich tradition of folk dancing with dances performed at all social occasions, from weddings and celebrations held for young men leaving for military service, to national and religious festivals, or local festivities.

Each region has its own dances which reflect the cultural life of that region.Some of the most famous dances are the Bar, originating from the province of Erzurum, the Halay in the East and Southeast, the Hora in Thrace, the Zeybek in the Aegean, the Horon in the Black Sea and the Kasik Oyunu in and around Konya.

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