Planned out a holiday trip this year? You will most likely cancel, here’s why…

Planned out a holiday trip this year You will most likely cancel, heres why...

Chances are you may have to cancel that planned vacation, trip/short getaway, here’s why…

If you are an adult with responsibilities such as a job, family or even single, you will at one time sit down and plan what to do with your leave and public holidays.

Beginning of the year may make more sense or summer or autumn, whichever…

So what do you do, pick out a time of the year, destination and sort of pencil that in to your calendar.
Here is reason why 90% of the time this fails:

  • Terrible weather
  • Sky high travel expenses (bus, air-tickets..)
  • Peak season hence flooded by tourists
  • Clash of public holidays
  • Off season
  • Flight delays

Here below we explain these a bit more but before that, think about this…

The older you get, the more you appreciate vacations/little holidays. You begin understanding that these are not pointless trips or a waste of money in any way, no!

This instead is time to ‘unplug’, spend some quality time with your partner, loved ones, family or even just your ‘alone time’.

In a nutshell, you need these getaways.

Well, how is one supposed to plan for a holiday?

Its not that hard quite frankly.

Here is 7 surefire ways of planning a holiday:

  • Know the off season

From my experience, majority of travel destinations have an off season. These being influenced mostly by hush gloomy weather, shorter days.

Far North of Europe for example, it gets dark at 5pm. Europe is known for the worst weather around this time, we talking about windy, icy, snowy and wet conditions.

You will also find that air tickets & hotels are cheapest around this time, reason being, no one travels this time of the year.

  • Ever heard of the Shoulder season?

Do you want to avoid crowds of travelers and perhaps catch some undisturbed sights?
Then this is the season for you.

Usually referred to the ‘travel sweet spot’. This season falls between the high season and off-season.
Just like the off-season, this season varies according to the region. Europe for instance, this season could happen twice a year, in spring and early fall.

Hotels and air ticket prices are know to be quite low as well, if this is sounds like something your are interested in, please get in touch with Nadia (our lead travel consultant)at 03 874 18571.

  • Know the peak season, very good to know

Nothing wrong with traveling during peak season but if crowds are not your thing then you may want to consider peak season. Apart from large crowds of travelers, you will find the travel expenses along with accommodation prices do sky rocket. That’s simply because of the demand.

At the end of the day, if you find a knowledgeable travel agent/consultant, they can definitely find work arounds way out of the ordinary. Get on the phone with us, have your trip planned out by some well traveled travel consultants.

  • Work commitments

Some of these are unforeseen and we do understand, your job puts food on the table. Other times, life just happens, whatever the case, if you made your reservations with us, just get on the phone and we’ll help adjust accordingly.

You don’t have to cancel already paid for holidays.

  • School schedules

Huh, these could be stressful, really depends…

For Malaysians traveling locally, here is a calendar with all your local holidays marked..

Holidays can easily become a disaster. They don’t have to be and that’s why we are here, to help..

Travelling out of Malaysia? Then lets have you trip planned out. Get in touch with our travel consultant, Nadia at 03 874 18571